Expansion Joint Tape 100mm x 25m roll



Introducing the Fenech Company FJR100SB Building Wrap, a reliable and cost-effective solution to enhance the performance and durability of your construction projects. With a GSM (grams per square meter) rating of 100, this building wrap provides a balance of strength and affordability. Each roll measures 25 meters, ensuring sufficient coverage for a variety of building sizes.

Built with a focus on quality, the FJR100SB Building Wrap serves as a protective barrier against external elements and moisture infiltration. It enhances weatherproofing and contributes to the energy efficiency of your structures, helping you achieve a comfortable and sustainable indoor environment.

The Fenech Company FJR100SB Building Wrap offers sufficient breathability, allowing for proper airflow and ventilation within the building envelope. This aids in preventing the buildup of excess moisture, which can lead to issues such as mold and rot. By promoting a healthy and dry indoor environment, our building wrap safeguards the longevity and structural integrity of your construction.

Installing the FJR100SB Building Wrap is a straightforward process. Simply unroll the wrap and secure it to the exterior walls using appropriate fasteners or adhesives. The roll’s ample length ensures efficient coverage, reducing waste and saving both time and resources during installation.

Whether you’re engaged in residential, commercial, or industrial projects, the Fenech Company FJR100SB Building Wrap provides a dependable and economical solution. Count on our commitment to delivering high-quality building materials that contribute to the long-term success of your constructions.

Product Highlights:

  • 100 GSM building wrap for a balance of strength and affordability
  • 25-meter roll for convenient coverage
  • Protects against external elements and moisture infiltration
  • Enhances weatherproofing and energy efficiency
  • Sufficient breathability for proper ventilation and moisture control
  • Easy installation process for efficiency and cost savings

Elevate the performance and protection of your construction projects with the Fenech Company FJR100SB Building Wrap. Order your roll today and experience the difference that quality building materials can make in ensuring the long-lasting integrity of your structures.


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