Clip fast plastic bar chair (Bag of 100)



Introducing the Clip Fast Plastic Bar Chair, a versatile and reliable solution for providing proper support and spacing in concrete reinforcement projects. This bag contains 100 bar chairs, making it a convenient choice for your construction needs.

Crafted with high-quality plastic, these bar chairs offer durability and strength to ensure effective reinforcement of concrete structures. The clip fastening system allows for quick and secure installation, saving you time and effort during construction.

The Clip Fast Plastic Bar Chair provides precise spacing and elevation for rebar or wire mesh, allowing for optimal concrete coverage and preventing sagging or displacement during the pouring process. The bar chairs feature sturdy legs and a stable base, ensuring stability and uniformity in your concrete work.

Whether you’re working on residential, commercial, or civil projects, the Clip Fast Plastic Bar Chair is suitable for a variety of applications. From foundations to slabs to walls, these bar chairs help maintain proper reinforcement alignment and enhance the overall structural integrity of your concrete elements.

With a bag of 100 bar chairs, you’ll have an ample supply to complete your project efficiently. The lightweight and stackable design of the chairs facilitates easy transportation and storage, making them a practical choice for contractors and construction professionals.

Choose the Clip Fast Plastic Bar Chair for reliable and convenient concrete reinforcement. This bag of 100 bar chairs ensures that you have the necessary support and spacing to achieve excellent results in your construction projects. Order your bag of Clip Fast Plastic Bar Chairs today and experience their effectiveness and convenience firsthand.


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